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Gua Sha Magic with our GODDESS+

Meet our latest Gua Sha carved from precious and pure Jade, this magnificent dark-green nephrite stone glides like silk, all while effortlessly de-puffing, contouring, rejuvenating and smoothing your skin.

Our bespoke Gua Sha board ( BUY IT HERE!) can help soothe tight muscles, reinvigorate circulation and improve the appearance of congested skin. A magical stone! By purchasing this Gua Sha board, you are automatically gifted a Gua Sha Masterclass either online with our Founder & TCM practitioner Francesca Canzano-Franklin or at an in-person event at one of our exclusive locations.

Gua Sha is so much more then lymphatic drainage, sweeping techniques and muscle lifting. I will never tire to repeat this. Gua Sha is so much more then a pretty stone. The art of Gua Sha requires the ability to raise a rash, the ability to read a face prior, during and post Gua Sha. The art of Gua Sha requires a warm but firm touch, intuition, and the ability of the therapist to create a dance through the meridians that cross the face. The art of Gua Sha is pure poetry in motion.

Interested in learning more? Check out our website for upcoming Masterclasses, workshops, PRO Courses or contact us for SPA training.

:: Currently teaching online ::





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