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The Right Order Of Your Skin Care Products

What you put on first (and last) really matters.



















Getting your skin ready for the day is a no brainer, right? You wash it, put on products, and go. Well, actually, the order in which you apply everything makes more of a difference than you think. So read on for the right way to do things. 


Step #1: Start with a mild cleanser. 

According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York City-based dermatologist and author, if you have limited time to prep your face, one step you cannot forget is washing with a mild cleanser. But don't use your hands — stick with a clean washcloth, cotton pads, cleansing cloths, or a sonic cleansing system instead.


Step #2: Apply corrective treatments based on consistency.

Whether it's eye creams, serums, or acne gels, whatever you add to your skin post-cleansing should always go on based on consistency. For example, if you add a thin hydrating mask on top of a thick wrinkle cream, the thicker product will block the ingredients in the thinner product from absorbing into the skin, explains Dr. David E. Bank, the Founder and Director of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, NY.


Additionally, water-based products should be applied before oil-based products. And acne spot treatments should go on before serums, which should go on before creams. Just remember to always give your skin plenty of time to dry before you move on to your next step. If you notice pooling on the skin, the products are not being absorbed properly and you need to rethink the order.


Step #3: Add a moisturizer.

Because most moisturizers are oil-based, the ingredients of anything applied on top of it will not absorb into your skin. After your face is cleaned and totally dry from your treatments, apply your moisturizer all over your face and neck for optimum hydration and protection.


Step #4: Finish with sunscreen.

If you aren't wearing a moisturizer with SPF — even a light one with SPF 15 will work — you need to wear sunscreen. "Even on a rainy, cloudy day. Sun damage is cumulative," says Jaliman. "So you should wear sunscreen every single day of your life."


Tip: To keep your face as fresh as possible, gently exfoliate a few times a week. It helps remove dead skin cells, deep clean pores, and remove dirt buildup, which makes it easier for your products to penetrate your skin more effectively. Our only warning: Exfoliating too much can actually make your skin oilier, so make sure you limit your scrubbing.




Article Coutesy of Amanda Hawkins, Good Housekeeping

Photo credit: Getty Images


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