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The Eastern Facelift | Face Ritual

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Francesca Canzano-Franklin, Founder of Philosophia Botanica and Shen Mantra Training, has over two decades experience in the Training & Treatment Development area within the Spa & Wellness Industry, having worked for and with a wide variety of Spas, including Five Star Spas, Resort Spas & Day Spas in the UK, Europe, Asia and South Africa.


Francesca and her expert team bring together authentic ancient healing traditions with contemporary therapies, providing holistic, rejuvenating and therapeutic Spa treatments to heal and restore, guided by the fundamental pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai Medicine and Yoga.


We have created bespoke Spa treatments adapting old healing methods for use in modern treatments using our luxurious all natural botanical skincare range.


Philosophia Botanica prides itself on providing professional, comprehensive training to those who work with our beautiful products. We understand the importance of educating therapists and skincare advisors on the uniqueness of our brand and products so they can best advise their customers.

     Our Rituals: 


  •   Award Winning Eastern Facelift: Gua Sha Facial Signature 

         Finalist Destiation Deluxe 2021, Winner Africa Spa Awards 2020, Tatlers' Beauty Awards 2019

  •  Flow Facial Ritual

  •  The Yogi Ritual: Face + Body 

  •  The Inner Beauty Facial

  • The Jet-Lag Ritual

  •  BOTANIA Herbal Compress Signature Rituals: Face and Body

  •  Royal Africa Calabash Ritual: Face + Body


The Eastern Facelift Ritual 

Our multi-award winning facial treatment is based on Chinese Medicine protocols, and incorporates elements of face mapping, acupressure points, lymphatic drainage, lifting and sculpting techniques with our bespoken gua sha boards designs, along with our all-natural skincare range. 

The practice of gua sha, also known as cao gio, is an ancient practice for energy flow and blood circulation and is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine. Back in the days a stone made from jade was used to scrape the skin all over the body in order to treat diseases. This process is believed to stimulate blood circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs and to detoxify the body of stagnant “qi”.  


The goal of the treatment is to enhance blood flow to the skin and the effectiveness of gua sha comes from the way it stimulates the deeper layers of skin. 

​Our facial signature treatment improves skin complexion, drains excess fluids and toxins, refreshes and firms the skin, reduces fine lines, restores facial skin tone and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin; it helps balancing the Qi, while deeply cleansing, detoxifying, stimulating and revitalising the skin naturally.

Self-Care Masterclasses: Facial Mapping + Self-Care Gua Sha |  Self-Care Kit

Philosophia Botanica Eastern Facelift

Meridian Flow | Face Ritual 

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This luxurious facial treatment is rooted in chinese medicine and the art of flow. The facial plumps the skin, promotes skin vitality, defines, sculpts and lifts the skin at cellular level. Gold coated micro-magnetic pearls are carefully applied to the meridians and the acupuncture points of the face to stimulate tissue activity, increase micro-circulation and oxygenation, reduce the depth of wrinkles, plump the skin and encourage the flow of radiance, glow and Qi.


During the facial treatment a synergy of adaptogenic botanical oils are used in conjunction with a gauss micro-stimulator magnetic pen and a copper gua sha sculpting spoon to gently stimulate the skin and it's sub-dermal layers, in order to encourage the natural production of elastin and collagen to maintain healthy skin, to stimulate the flow of blood, lymph and Qi to the  face, head and neck.

This holistic facial ritual incorporates facial mapping based on Chinese medicine, meridian balancing, magnetic energy balancing, acupressure stimulation, and a unique facial massage ritual that includes magnetic pearls manipulation along acupuncture points and meridians of the face.

Self-Care Masterclasses: Flow Self-Massage | Qi Gong Self-Care Facial | Face Mapping + Flow Self-Care Kit

The Yogi Ritual: Face + Body  

The Yogi Ritual involves gentle facial lymphatic drainage, passive face yogi stretching and facial fascial release, muscle manipulation techniques, sculpting, toning and tightening of the facial muscles, in order to nourish the skin. 

The body techniques involve passive yogi stretches, gentle joint and muscle rotations and manipulations,  and acupressure therapy to stimulate the body’s circulatory and lymphatic system and to release muscle tension and stimulate a healing response.  

This energizing and balancing Face + Body Ritual involves a combination of acupressure, asanas, stretching, palming, thumbing, gentle twisting, and passive yogi stretching techniques applied along the meridian lines of the body, to help move the Qi throughout the body.

Aims to help the body to find balance and promotes wellness.

Helps to improve posture, breathing and flexibility.

Boost energy

Calms the nervous system

Self-Care Masterclasses: Yoga | Face Yoga | Partner Yoga 

Yoga Practice

At Philosophia Botanica we strongly believe that beauty and wellness routines are about making positive improvements to your health. Our founder and Chinese Medicine practitioner has captured the essence of thousands of years of Chinese wisdom into gentle yet powerful wellness based face + body Rituals.

Are you interested in knowing more about what it takes to become a Philosophia Botanica partner? 
Do you wish to retail Philosophia Botanica Skincare and offer our unique Rituals ? 

We value your interest and look forward to hearing from you.  Our International Team is available for training for Spas and Wellness Centers and Retreats. Rituals and Masterclasses for your clientele can be tailored according to needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Those are Philosophia Botanica Signature Rituals. Training is currently available both in person, and online. Our Head Quartes are based in London, Rome, Cape Town. Should you require training from other international locations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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