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Francesca Canzano-Franklin

Founder & Managing Director
Traditional Chinese + Thai Medicine
Wellness Practitioner + 
Herbalist in training
Global Wellness Day Ambassador UAE

Creator of the multi-award winning:
PRO Gua Sha Facial + The Eastern Facelift

London l Cape Town l Portofino|UAE

Francesca, born and raised in Italy and a proud mom of two, is the Founder of Philosophia Botanica and Shen Mantra Training and divides her time between the U.K., South Africa and Italy, to run Masterclasses, wellness retreats and workshops.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner and a keen Yogi, she firstly became interested in healthy living and eastern methodologies 20 years ago while living in South East Asia. Seeing how the majority of the world used more traditional methods such as herbs, acupuncture, bodywork and spiritual practices to heal the mind and body was an eye opener to her. Over the years she has immersed herself into the study of Chinese and Thai Medicine, spending considerable time in Asia (currently living in Hong Kong) training and specializing in a variety of eastern techniques such as five elements acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, thai traditional massage, jap sen, herbal therapies, gua sha, tok sen, cupping and Yoga to mention a few.

She has  over two decades experience in the holistic health, Spa and wellness industries, having worked for and with a wide variety of international Spas, resort Spas, yoga centres and wellness retreats. She successfully runs Shen Mantra training in the U.K. and South Africa and regularly facilitates wellness retreats around the world. She is the creator of the PRO Gua Sha Facial and of the award winning Spa Ritual: Eastern Facelift Ritual.

Francesca started Philosophia Botanica in South Africa. While living in Cape Town during her first pregnancy she felt inspired by the Cape indigenous flora, the wilderness of the African plants and botanical oils, the magnificent nature surrounding the Atlantic Ocean, as well as her passion for eastern traditional technique and Chinese medicine, Francesca had a desire to create something in the holistic space that is truly unique.  


'' As a wellness professional, I am aware that there are plenty of yoga retreats, luxury spas and high quality beauty and wellness brands, but no one brand that combines the best of these worlds in a complete holistic approach rooted in wellness, self-care and botanical treasures - from seed to skin products, to self-care Masterclasses, to adaptogenic inside-out beauty tonics, to unique Spa rituals, to wellness retreats.''

I take a holistic view of well-being, healing and life and believe that one cannot be separated from the other.  A daily Yoga practice, meditation, exercise and a healthy diet help me to centre, focus and connect to the moment.  

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