Philosophia Botanica International Team


Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture  
Aromatherapy + Formulator
Spa Consultancy, Wellness, Yoga
London l Cape Town l Hong Kong | Genoa

Francesca, Owner of Philosophia Botanica Skincare & Founder of Shen Mantra Training has 18 years experience in the Training & Treatment Development area within the Spa & Wellness Industry, having worked for and with a wide variety of Spas, including Five Star Spas, Resort Spas & Day Spas, in the U.K. and Thailand.


Based between London, Cape Town and Hong Kong, Francesca and her Team are available for Spa Training development, bespoke treatments and consultancy. READ MORE





Philosophia Botanica  Senior Trainer
Beauty Expert
Spa Owner
Durban, South Africa 
** Currently On Maternity Leave **

Karen  is an internationally qualified beauty therapist, who believes that outer and inner beauty need to work in harmony to bring a person true happiness. In her quest to offer clients a plethora of treatments that will ultimately offer a complete holistic approach to well-being, she has studied many forms of aesthetic treatments. Karen has worked upon ships for 3 years building a strong reputation for herself within the Steiner fleet. READ MORE



Philosophia Botanica

International Trainer

Beauty Expert

International Facialist


London, U.K.





                                    BIO COMING SOON! 



Philosophia Botanica Trainer

Eastern Therapies

Wellness Expert


Johannesburg, South Africa





Anju has a strong background in oriental therapies, reflexology, meridian theory and bodywork. She brings a diverse skill set and beautifully combines intuition and technical skills. 

She is based in Johannesburg where she runs her busy private practice, as well as teaching for Philosophia Botanica and Shen Mantra.

                        ANGELICA CIORBA

                 Philosophia Botanica  Trainer


                             London, U.K.

            ** Currently On Maternity Leave **

Angelica is a skilled bodywork practitioner and trainer with a strong background in sports and eastern therapies. Her style is a blend of therapeutic touch, relaxing bodywork and a unique blend of both Eastern and Western modalities.

In addition to assisting Francesca in London, she also runs a busy private practice.  



Achara  is a Herbalist and a specialised eastern therapies practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


She believes that the human body has the ability to self heal if we let that process occur and support the body with natural methods.   Modern lifestyles have a big impact on our health especially stress, these can be managed with the right treatments, exercise, lifestyle and diet.




Bsc. Herbalist

Eastern Medicine & Wellness Expert



London, U.K.







Philosophia Botanica Trainer

Holistic & Eastern Therapies


Sassari, Italia





Chiara is a passionate holistic practitioner. 

She has been running her own successful practice in London since In 2016 and has recently decided to move back to Italy to share her beautiful expertise in her own country.


She is assisting Francesca Franklin in Italy by running professional Spa Consultancy and training for a variety of Spas and Wellness Centres.  She is currently in the process of opening her own practice in Sardegna. 



Philosophia Botanica 

Retail & Stock Operations Manager

Owner of The Beautiful Store


Cape Town, South Africa





With her excellent customer service, exceptional savoir faire, impeccable eye for high standards and quality control, Rachelle is the amazing force and contact point for the Philosophia Botanica stock in South Africa.

Rachelle is also the Owner of The Beautiful Store in Cape Town and a leader in online retail.



Philosophia Botanica Ambassador

Face Gua Sha Holistic Practitioner

Owner of Holisticyousa


Cape Town, South Africa





Leigh Ann is a Qualified and holistic practitioner passionate about all things holistic.

She has been running her own successful practice and brand Holisticyousa in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa specializing in Holistic massage and Gua Sha Face massage still studying more modules to add to her existing therapies.

She is one of our Ambassadors and also stocks our full range.

She is currently in the process of running workshops with/ for founder Francesca Franklin. To be announced.



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