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Meet The Team

Francesca Canzano-Franklin_edited_edited

Francesca Canzano-Franklin

                  BRAND OWNER & M.D.

       Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture  
               Spa Consultancy, Wellness, Yoga


                                                                                                                PORTOFINO, HONG KONG

Francesca has 20+ years experience in the Training & Treatment Development area within the Spa & Wellness Industry, having worked for and with a wide variety of Spas, including Five Star Spas, Resort Spas & Day Spas, in the U.K., Asia and Africa. 


Based between the Hong Kong and Europe, Francesca and her Team are available for Spa Training development, bespoke treatments and consultancy.  READ MORE

Kerry Smith Philosophia Botanica_edited_

Kerry Smith


             Facialist, Beauty Expert, Holistic Therapist

                             Wellness, Yoga Teacher                         

                                                                                                                          SOUTH AFRICA

Kerry is a Skin and Holistic Therapist, yoga teacher. Offering a holistic approach to wellness, she believes in the healing power of touch and, the importance of taking time for yourself, time to breath, time to move your body, and time to be in nature. She has a long-standing love and interest in natural skincare and skillfully combines a variety of treatment modalities, yoga and breath-work to create bespoke treatments. READ MORE

Achara Chavanakunakorn Philosophia Botan

Achara Chavanakunakorn




                       Bsc. Medical Herbalist

          Eastern Medicine & Wellness Expert

 Senior Trainer, Spa Consultancy, Holistic Therapies


                               LONDON, UK

Achara  is a Herbalist and a specialised eastern therapies practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


She believes that the human body has the ability to self heal if we let that process occur and support the body with natural methods.  Modern lifestyles have a big impact on our health especially stress, these can be managed with the right treatments, exercise, lifestyle and diet.

Sara Bicic Philosophia Botanica_edited_e

Sara Bicic

     Philosophia Botanica Trainer + Ambassador

                   Facialist & Holistic Therapist

                         Studio Owner, Professor

                           SLOVENIA | ITALY

A pedagogist with a masters degree in adult education studies, "Andragogy Sciences," decided to change her life and profession by dedicating herself to the well-being of the body and mind. 
The desire to take care of herself, according to Sara, comes from within. 

Sara has over a decade experience in therapeutic treatments and sports therapies. She specialises in sculpting facial techniques, gua sha and deeper tissue manipulation.

Dorina Szucs Philosophia Botanica_edited

Dorina Szucs

         Philosophia Botanica Trainer + Ambassador

                 Facialist, Holistic Practitioner, Yogi

                            LONDON, UK

Dorina is a mindful Spa trainer with a strong passion for eastern therapies, as well as a holistic practitioner and a keen yogi.


She offers bespoke treatments while also while addressing individual lifestyle, emotional and hormonal well-being.



Angelica Johnson

              Philosophia Botanica Ambassador

                      Trainer, Holistic Practitioner

                               Health & Fitness

                                 LONDON, U.K.

Angelica is a skilled bodywork practitioner, fitness and holistic therapies trainer with a strong background in sports and eastern therapies.


Her style is a blend of therapeutic touch, relaxing bodywork and a unique blend of both Eastern and Western modalities.

Currently based at the Westin Hotel.


Katia Sabato

                              BEAUTY EDITOR

Creative Director, Marketing & Communication

               Philosophia Botanica Ambassador

                     The Spa Duchess's Co-Founder


Beauty Editor freelance, Beauty Contributor,
Spa writer, Digital Content Manager, Social Media Expert. Cura dei testi per brand e linee cosmetiche, storytelling per newsletters, redazione di contenuti editoriali.

Co-founder del progetto 'The Spa Duchesses' che promuove wellness luxury nel mondo Spa.


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