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At Philosophia Botanica we are strong advocates of the importance of keeping an internal and external balance and we have infused adaptogenic herbs into our skincare.

Stress plays a significant role in skin wellness: It increases inflammation, contributes to premature aging and can trigger hormonal imbalance.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, adaptogenic herbs belong to an elite class of herbs called “Superior Tonics” and help the body to adapt.

Many skin concerns ( acne, dryness, fine lines + wrinkles, etc) are caused by stressors in the environment, and/or hormone imbalances, among other imbalances in the body.

One of our favourite Adaptogens is the Shizandra berry, a powerful berry that grows in the Manchu region, along the border of China and known as “wǔ wèi zi” in Chinese and translating as the “five-flavor berry.” Schisandra is renowned for its balanced flavor profile, simultaneously being sweet, tart, salty, spicy, and bitter.

In herbal medicine practices common amongst East Asian cultures, herbs are known for their adaptogenic qualities. As Reishi Tea botanical blog states, this means that certain herbs have the ability to help the body prevent stress and achieve balance. In the schisandra berry, two main compounds express this adaptogenic quality: shisandrin and gomesin. 

Because adaptogens encourage your body to regain homeostasis, and help your body react better to stressors of all kinds, you can consider these herbs a worthwhile addition to your inside-outside beauty regime.⁠

Philosophia Botanica’s powerful blend of antioxidant-packed adaptogenic herbs includes Shizandra Berry, the ‘Five Flavour Berry’, Centella Asiatica, Rodhiola, Ashwaganda to mention a few.

Ready to infuse adaptogens into a luxurious skin-wellness facial?

Adaptogenic herbs are the magic ingredient in our MULTIVITAMIN FACE BALM, PHYTO-RETINOL FACE OIL and BOTANICAL QI FACE SERUM.


Image Courtesy of Rnow via Pinterest.


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