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Full Moon: The Divine Feminine

Full Moon in Virgo is exact Feb 27 at 12:17am PST. We are in the transition phase on the Wheel of the Year from one season towards another. If you are in the northern hemisphere, what do you take with you from winter's wisdom into spring? What do you leave behind? If you are in the southern hemisphere, what do you take with you from summer's joy into autumn? What do you leave behind?

This Full Moon in Virgo assists in releasing what no serves to align you with the Medicine Woman within, as Virgo is the Divine Feminine and 'Virgin'.

The word 'Virgin' originally meant "whole unto oneself". What does it mean to be sovereign unto yourself? What does it feel like to be in your full power?

As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, you have a profound opportunity to reclaim your sovereign power by speaking your Truth, listening to the voice of your dreams, and following your soul calling. This can be scary and may bring up beliefs or patterns around self-worth, pleasing others, and prioritizing yourself.

And, you have something to say. Maybe to yourself, to another, or to the Divine. What you aren’t speaking also impacts your life. What needs to be voiced? What dreams need to be honoured?

This Full Moon is a powerful Threshold moment to shed old skin & step forth into the new, making your dreams a reality. This may feel edgy or exciting. Accept this invitation and be gifted the expansion of your Diamond brilliance and Divine mission.

This is your Moon Medicine.

You are the Chalice, bridging Heaven & Earth.




Powerful words by Goddess Rising

Moon Illustration by unknown artist.

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