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Our Philosophia Botanica family is growing as I am expecting baby number two any day now.

Life begins in the womb and pregnancy is an optimal time to drop into ourselves and to truly listen to our body, mind and heart. This is how I have stayed healthy, sane and happy throughout the twisting and windy road of pregnancy.

🌿NUTRITION is key! Healthy prenatal eating isn't just about avoiding - it's about choosing wisely. Foods rich in essential nutrients such as protein, folate and iron are highly nourishing for both mama and baby. Eating around 4 mini-meals a day has helped me prevent heartburn and has kept blood-sugar levels steady. I must thank my wonderful mama friend Dorothy for gifting me her Fig And Bloom @figandbloom 'Nourishing Mum & Bump' nutrition guide and recipes. Highly recommended! You can also follow this holistic chef via the @dotscookin Instagram account. 🌿SKIN. Creating a skincare routine can be quite tricky during pregnancy! I have personally fed my skin with a daily dose of our fair-trade Baobab Oil, Coconut Oil & organic Shea butter, as well as our magical Multi-Vitamin Face Cream. And our Jade Roller Facial Ritual has kept my skin firm and toned by stimulating and revitalising the skin naturally. 🌿GO GREEN! I have minimised all exposure to chemicals and I've steered clear of bisphenol-A (BPA), synthetic oestrogen, found in countless products, including plastic containers. 🌿YOGA & MEDITATION. I have stayed super active and continued my practice and it has helped me not only feel better physically, but also mentally. Yoga has also really helped me bond with my baby and my body while it went through the changes. 🌿HERBAL TEAS. Rooibos tea, with its antioxidant properties has kept me hydrated throughout the whole pregnancy. Raspberry Leaf Tea, due to its high content of vitamins, minerals and tannins, is now a daily delicious must have! Mamaste Francesca x

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