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January Skin Detox

We are having a skin detox!

January is all about detoxing, cleansing diets and new years resolutions. Is it possible to do the same with our skin? Yes, of course! And we are starting the year with a detoxing wheatgrass smoothie! A skin detox seeks to help the skin to get rid of the body’s waste products, which can, in turn, help your skin look and feel better. Did you know that wheatgrass rejuvenates aging cells and helps fight tumors, cleanse the blood and tighten loose and sagging skin? Wheatgrass is a true super-food known as nature’s finest medicine for a reason. It’s a complete source of protein that supplies all the essential amino acids that the body needs to function at optimal level, and its beneficial enzymes help protect the body from carcinogens. Wheatgrass has the amazing ability to regenerate cells on the inside and the outside of your body. For this reason, it can do wonders for your complexion. Since wheatgrass is bursting with antioxidants, it can actually slow down the aging process. The antioxidants found in wheatgrass can scavenge any free radicals in the blood, which may cause cellular damage and visible signs of aging. In turn, you can look younger and more refreshed by drinking a daily shot of wheatgrass. Drink a shot of the juice each day in order to keep your skin clear and overcome excessive skin dryness. If you don’t have access to fresh plants, quite a number of wheatgrass products are readily available in juice or powdered form. So, boost your health with this wonder plant. This super-food green smoothie is a cup of goodness, providing essential fatty acids, iron, calcium, chlorophyll, magnesium and selenium, with the addition of coconut oil to help you absorb fat soluble vitamins! INGREDIENTS: 3-4 cups spinach 2 tablespoons ginger 1 banana 1 orange 1 apple 2 tablespoons wheat grass powder 3-4 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon of raw coconut oil INSTRUCTIONS: Put all ingredients except for oil into a blender. Once thoroughly combined, add the oil and mix at low speed for a few seconds.

Serve and enjoy!

Follow us for daily skin detoxing tips for the entire month of January.

Happy January!

(Image cortesy of Pinterest)

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