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JOIN US TODAY! 12 hours of wellness talks, yoga, nutrition, exercise, self-care and mindfulness.

Our vey own Founder, will be presenting a session on Chinese medicine self-care Gua Sha. Make sure to tune in via the official website.

I believe wellness is deeply individual and that we are at a different point on our wellness journey.

Regardless, it’s the wellness journey that matters to us, and the wholistic connection between the mind and the body, and between the body from the soul, and between the soul and the mind, and the conversations between the mind and the body. - Francesca Canzano-Franklin

Unwind from the hustle and bustle of your busy lifestyle today and join us for an exceptional day of wellness in all its forms!

To say our concept of wellness changed in 2020 would be something of an understatement. With a pandemic sending most of the world into periods of isolation, and the realisation that, health really is our greatest wealth, the desire to truly be and feel well has arguably never been stronger.

After all, we saw our standard exercise routines disrupted, gyms closed, spas and touch-based therapy placed on extended pause, and an increased discussion around immune health, as the coronavirus continued its rampant spread. We saw the rise of working from home, unprecedented burnout, stress, many hours of sleep lost, but we unite with a strong desire to adopt healthier habits that will lead us back to wellness.

We can't agree more with the many wellness trends experts that are predicting that wellness and a return to simplicity and nature are above everything!

We've added here our best tips, tutorials and advice! And we will update along the way as we upload the tutorials on on our IG accounts.

We are lovers of movement and exercise here! Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Featured here our wonderful Fitness Exercise expert + Philosophia Botanica Trainer & Ambassador, Angelica Johnson.

Follow Angelica via her IG account

At Philosophia Botanica we strongly believe in self-care, in natural beauty routines and in beauty from within.

Lyon based super Facialist Nika Sheinina, is gifting us a beautiful with a beautiful easy to follow cleansing ritual.

Nika suggests to wash your face two times a day and to turn this simple gesture into a genuine beauty ritual. This massage shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes but the results will be stunning ! It helps the lymphatic circulation, it helps to unclog the pores, it firms and tones up the skin, and it also acts on the wrinkles. I advise to use the oil for the cleansing method not more often than 2 times per week, but this massage cleansing technique you may use daily with your organic cleansing milk and just a drop of an oil into it for example. Here I use my personally made up cleansing oil which contains sea buckthorn oil, baobab oil, and tamanu oil. And I finish up with a floral water and light lymphatic tapping. Oh yes if you have the heavy make-up on your skin just pass the toner before with a cotton pad.

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Self-Care Secrets with TCM practitioner and Philosophia Botanica + Shen Mantra Trainer Anju Strydom.

How to alleviate a headache naturally, quick & easy! Wonderful tutorial from Anju! You can follow her IG account @anjuandyou

Thank you for reading through!

It's been an absolute honor to have taken part in the ten years celebrations.

Thank You Global Wellness Day! Thank you to the inspiring Founder of this magnificent project, Belgin Aksoy!

Have a wonderful Global Wellness Day!

Philosophia Botanica


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