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Fair-Trade Bolga Baskets

In love with our Bolga basket, a classic icon of African craftsmanship!  These baskets are hand weaved from thick, tough elephant grass. Bolgatanga, known as the crafts center of Northern Ghana, with its surrounding villages comprise the largest producers of leather works and straw baskets in the country. Basket weaving around Bolgatanga in Upper East Region serves as an example of the craft skills of women in the north. The sales of these baskets have allowed many impoverished farmers in this region of Ghana, West Africa, to attain a sustainable way of living. Our ingredients are locally sourced as well as from sustainable and Fair-trade plantations and we are proud supporters of a Ghanaian Fair-Trade Women’s Cooperative in Bolgatanga, a poverty-stricken area in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Unemployment is high here and there have been few opportunities for the people in this village to improve their lives.

We believe in supporting social, sustainable and environmental projects, especially within Africa so that we can contribute to local economic development for generations to come. Watch this space! More will be revealed soon ✨🌿💚 

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