A Mustard bath is a traditional remedy loved by all for tired, stressed muscles.


Mustard is known for its stimulating, cleaning qualities that draws out impurities and warm muscles, increases circulation, opens pores, stimulates sweat glands and aids detoxification, decongests the sinuses and comforts a cold as well as helping the body rid itself of toxins.


Desert mineral salts allow the healing herbs, botanical oils and minerals to stimulate the immune system and to balance Mind, Body & Spirit.


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KEY INGREDIENTS: African Desert mineral salts, devils claw, mustard seed, eucalyptus, wintergreen & camphor oil.


Recommended Use: Add 2-3 tablespoons to a hot bath & soak for 10 - 20 minutes.

CAUTIONS: Not recommended for extremely sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes.


Our products contain only pure essential botanic, not synthetic fragrances & are Paraben free.

Product & ingredients not tested on animals by or for Philosophia Botanica.


Contact us for International shipping costs.

Beyond excited to finally try this range @PBotanica! The Mustard Bath soak lasted 3 days (it was so good I went overboard!) :) #BeautyBanter 


Lynette Botha ‏@Ms_LynetteB 

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