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Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Mapping

Your face is an insight into what is going on in your body and skin problems are a reflection of organs dysfunction. Face mapping has been a part of ancient Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. The face is the canvas for what is actually happening inside the body.

Bad daily habits like lack of exercise, smoking, or not drinking enough water all have a large impact on your organs and body can send essential indications about our health problem. The greatest organ within human body is our skin and it may inform us some information on exactly what our body is battling against. 

 As part of our holistic and therapeutic approach to skincare, we offer Traditional Chinese Medicine Face mapping with all our facial rituals as well as professional training for Spas and clinics. Please contact us for more information. 

Forehead – Small Intestine and Bladder Large amount of stress, way too much sugar and alcohol causes a bladder issues and tiny bowel. 

Between Your Eyebrows- Liver This is often triggered since you are sensitive to some foods of quick because of consuming many meat. 

Eyebrow Arch – Kidneys You kidneys problem is brought on by smoking and alcoholic beverages. Wrecked kidneys trigger poor heart and bad blood circulation. 

Nose – Heart Polluted air, inflamed belly, bad circulation and fumes could possibly be the reasons for heart’s bad wellness. Also high blood pressure trigger heart problems. 

 Lower The Main Cheeks – Lungs Cigarette, air pollution and symptoms of asthma could possibly be the reason behind lung issues. 

Cheeks – Lungs and Kidneys Lung and kidney problems can be caused by tension, eating unhealthy foods, considerable amounts of sugar and cigarette smoking. 

Mouth and Chin – Stomach Your stomach are actually upset from alcohol, caffeine and foods which have a lot of sugar and fat. Additionally the reason for tummy dilemmas is sleep disorders and stress. 

Jaw and Neck – Hormones Too-much salt and caffeine trigger hormone imbalance. 



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