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Welcome Autumn

And just like that, the light changed, taking on the autumnal slant that turns dust motes into flecks of fire and deepens the color of songbirds’ feathers, so bright and new now after the August molt. Suddenly it is autumn in the northern hemisphere and the Equinox is upon us.

This is a time to admire and witness the beauty of the land and how we may have contributed to it, and a time to celebrate the gifts we are given by this incredible planet that we call mother earth.

No matter the hard times we have/are faced with, it is soul warming to see how nature keeps on blooming, that seeds, berries, olives, apples, rose hips, chestnuts, acorns keep offering us continued life, nutrition and resources.

I give thanks to the summer season, the light, the abundance of the past months, the seeds we have planted, the smell of the flowers, the barefoot walking on the earth, and welcome the September Equinox. September, my birth month and my favourite month.

I’m finding so much beauty in these early autumn days by walking around the Portofino unesco national park surrounded by the Macchia Mediterranea, the lush nature, the olive groves and the vineyards.

Honouring the light and the change in season when the sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night are nearly equal in length.

Welcome change. Happy Autumn Equinox.

Francesca x


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