Francesca Canzano-Franklin

Brand Owner & Managing Director
Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture  
Spa Consultant & Formulator
London l Cape Town l Hong Kong

Francesca is the Owner of Philosophia Botanica Skincare & Founder of Shen Mantra Training and lives between London, Cape Town and Hong Kong.


She firstly became interested in holistic therapies over 15 years ago while travelling through South East Asia. Seeing how the majority of the world uses more traditional methods such as herbs, body work & spiritual practices to heal the Mind and Body was an eye opener to her. For years she has worked in the Training & Treatment Department for the famous 5 star " Sanctuary Spa " in Covent Garden, London and various Spas around the U.K., Thailand, South Africa and Australia.


Philosophia Botanica was born from a moment of inspiration – Where can I find natural, therapeutic products that nurture inner beauty, as well as outer radiance? Who can I turn to when I want to improve my well-being but I don't have much time to relax and unwind? As a wellness professional, I am aware that there are plenty of yoga retreats, luxury spas and high quality beauty brands, but no one company that combined the best of these worlds in a complete holistic approach to well-being, that was both inspirational and accessible. It was while living in Thailand and the tropical paradise of Cape Town that I had the idea of transporting the tranquility and the beauty of nature I was experiencing back home. Inspired by my passion for everything natural, wellness and beauty enhancing, my travels and research and the benefits I had personally experienced, I wrote a list of everything I needed to follow such a path and Philosophia Botanica was launched offering a one-stop solution for natural beauty and well-being with products and rituals inspired by a fusion of eastern traditional techniques.


I take a holistic view of well-being, healing and life and believe that one cannot be separated from the other. Daily meditation, exercise, a healthy diet and yoga practice help me to centre, focus and connect to the moment.