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We've teamed up with the wonderful Sakina Di Pace, founder of The Facial Cupping Expert, international acupuncturist and beauty therapist  has been practicing her acupuncture expertise for the past 10 years, both in the UK and in the US. With health and beauty for her clients in mind, she created this powerful course that instantly receive positive effects from her patients and makes Facial Cupping treatment more popular than ever.


Have you heard about facial cupping, and its miraculous results?

This ancient, non-invasive skin care technique is entering a renaissance, and everyone is talking about it! 

Facial Cupping is a wonderful addition to the practice of face Gua Sha, as it is a gentle yet powerful beauty treatment that will plump and sculpt the skin by assisting with tired skin, puffiness, dark under-eye circles and more. 


Some of the many benefits of Facial Cupping:

Brightens the skin
Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Boost collagen production
Reduces puffiness
Reduces pore size


The Facial Cupping Expert is an accredited CPD training provider and the course has been registered on the CPD database and qualifies for 7 credits.


2h of Online Teaching
+ Bonus Modules
The course is 2h long, and when you're done you'll have all the knowledge and skills needed to perform facial cupping on your own, in your practice.


BONUS CONTENT: new modules have been added to the course where I show you how to use facial cupping on clients that have specific conditions such as; sinusitis, bell’s palsy, headaches or acne scars. I’ve also added a special module on acupressure.

The Facial Cupping Full Starter Kit (worth $91) 
When you enroll in the course, I’ll send you a complimentary set of my eco-friendly facial cups, 100% pure and certified organic prickly pear seed oil as well as the mini cellulite cup… no matter where you are in the world.

Access to an Exclusive Wholesale Product Catalogue + private Facebook group + marketing ideas + printable notes
As a course attendee, you’ll have full access to discounted facial oil and cups, which you’re licensed to resell through your own practice. You’ll also be invited to join my private facial cupping Facebook group. I’ve included printable notes and worksheets to help you start performing facial cupping on your clients. 


Here's the link (and discount for all our students) to book The Facial Cupping Expert Online Course Curriculum:   

After a short online course with Sakina, you can start offering this service at your practice too! Take the online course today, and learn how to perform facial cupping on your client. Highly recommended!


Please contact Sakina directly for further information.


Sakina Di Pace BSc (Hons) Lic Ac.

I've been practicing acupuncture for the past 10 years, both in the UK and in the US. I started using Facial Cupping, in addition to my needles, to help alleviate the pain of some patients with nerve conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, and to stimulate muscle strength in paralysis cases such as Bell’s Palsy.

Realising how beneficial Facial Cupping was to my patients, I decided to incorporate Facial Cupping into my Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments. If it could stimulate paralysed facial muscles, I knew that Facial Cupping could work in helping to improve facial muscle tone in my cosmetic patients.

Adding Facial Cupping to my traditional acupuncture treatments had an instant positive effect on all my patients. They just loved it! I kept using my Facial Cupping techniques with my patients until the 2020 lockdown arrived, where I unfortunately couldn’t see my patients face-to-face anymore.

 As a result, I had the idea to share my expertise and knowledge online. What could be more beneficial to my patients than being able to do the treatment by themselves in the comfort of their own home? That is how the idea of The Facial Cupping Expert was created.

Once I launched the The Facial Cupping Expert Online, I suddenly received many inquiries from other therapists who wanted to learn the facial cupping technique.

That's how I created this online course for beauty and bodywork professionals.

I really hope you'll enjoy performing facial cupping as much as I do, on yourself and on your clients.



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