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Happy New Year!

What a marvellous year ✨A small seed with huge passion and love was planted in my beloved Cape Town a few years ago, and year after year that seed keeps on growing. My heart is filled with love and immense gratitude.  From winning the ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ for our Royal Africa Face Oil via The Beauty Shortlist to launching our range in London at the amazing OM Yoga Show!

 A massive thank YOU to all our retailers, spas, customers, ambassadors, bloggers, followers and my amazing team! We will continue to campaign for a greener world, we will collaborate with more sustainable and fair-trade suppliers, we will support do good projects, plant trees and we will aim to be a zero waste brand by the end of the new year. 

So stay tuned and join our journey!  We wish you a greener, beautiful and magical new year! ✨🌿✨ 

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