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Our Royal Africa Face Oil has won an Award!

Not sure I can as yet express the joy of having won the Editor’s Choice Award for our Royal Africa Face Oil! And out of 600+ International Brands ( AND some very well known brands! ). This really means the world! Thank you to The Beauty Shortlist and all the judges. I highly respect your work, ethos, integrity and passion for our industry.  

Honoured to be flying the South African flag internationally ✨🙏🏼💚🌿 Repost from @beautyshortlist Organisers: 6 months, just over 600 brands and some thousands of products later, we just could not be more excited 💕to reveal today's 2018 WINNERS/FINALISTS/EDITOR'S CHOICE WINNERS. It's been quite a journey and an absolute honour to try so many brands. These are not easy awards to win! Thank you so much EVERYONE for taking part, helping out, judging, and I see all the hard, neverending work, hope, passion and creativity - and more - that goes into all these brands/products - bravo. I'm very grateful to our judges who did an incredibly thorough job. Now it's time to celebrate!! 

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