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We are a lot of things here!

'To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shallnot be able to keep our mind strong and clear' -


  Spa & Wellness Professionals,

Biochemists, Friends, Nature Lovers, Aromatherapists, Yogis, Team Players,

but above all we are lovers of Nature, the world we live in and passionate for our industry


We believe in creating a life that feels great on the inside & doesn't only look good on the outside!


Natural Beauty is about taking care of your whole being - a state of physical, mental and emotional health. The first step is learning to take good care of our bodies with a nutritious diet, natural beauty products, exercise, relaxation, sleep , as well as looking after your skin.


Our products won’t change your weight, your body or facial structure, nor your eye colour, but what they will do is make what Mother Nature’s given you the best version it can be.


                                                            We think Mother Nature may approve too :)


Our belief is in 'skincare as nature intended'. We have formulated our natural skincare range around natural oils and the finest herbal, plant and flower extracts from South Africa and around the world.


This means we believe in:


NO mineral oils

NO artificial colours

NO petrochemicals

NO artificial fragrances

NO sodium lauryl sulphate

NO animal ingredients

NOT tested on animals

NO palm oil

Recyclable packaging


Philosophia Botanica is a treatment focused skin care brand and was founded on a promise to provide our customers with only the very best of products and with the concept of being simply natural.


Nature is filled with wonderful healing ingredients that can be utilsed to soothe and enhance anyones' natural beauty. By this simple reason, everything we offer is made from the highest grade of ingredients and care so that we can guarantee the quality of our products.





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