South Africa Payments ONLY

Banking Details -


BANK: FNB (First National Bank)


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62307623638



Your order will be confirmed and dispatched upon receiving a payment confirmation email. 

Please choose your shipping/delivery option in the total price - See below.

Please email confirmation to:



You can choose to have the products sent via:


  • Registered Post (R25) – Counter to counter. You’ll receive a post office tracking number via our tracking team, which you can check here. Allow 3-6 working days for delivery.

  • Overnight Speed Services (R75) – Counter to counter. Our tracking team will send you a tracking number, but since it’s next day delivery, you’ll be able to collect it almost straight away.

  • Dawn Wing (R35) – Door to door. The quickest, most efficient way to send your parcel. Delivering to all major towns and cities nationwide.




- Prices are based on 1-5 products.

- If you place a larger order, we’ll advise you that delivery charges may be increased.

- To enquire about international delivery, please email us. Prices and times vary depending on how far away you are from us. 


Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!