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                               Signature Ritual

Inspired by ancient traditions, this treatment is based on Asian practises. A well-known symbol of Asian philosophy is the circle of yin and yang, the belief that the mind body and spirit are a whole and must be in balance to create maximum well-being. The face more so than any other part of the body is a great reflection on what is going on with the body as a whole.


When massaging with herbal compresses, the heat will relieve a deeper level of muscular tension, the oil will condition and hydrate the skin and the herbs will help to balance any disruptions in the skin.

Designed for all skin types, and personalised to the Guest’s needs, this ritual begins with a comprehensive Chinese Medicine Face mapping consultation, followed by our signature opening ritual. this unique treatment is the ultimate healing and nourishing facial ritual that combines luxury organic skincare with traditional application techniques. It rejuvenates the skin and improves tone by stimulating, healing and enhancing the skin’s overall health.  

TREATMENT BENEFITS - The fine herbal composition, combined with our skincare oils, is suitable for any skin type. Short heat stimuli on the skin generate skin cell regeneration and renewal, the oil will condition and hydrate the skin and the herbs will help to balance any disruptions in the skin. Deep effect for a wonderful smooth skin.


  1. Skin toning and moisturizing

  2. Lymphatic drainage

  3. Detoxifying and purifying

  4. Reduces puffiness, combats fines lines, dark circles and provides immediate results for an overall facial and brow lift​

We make old healing methods usable for modern treatments; our treatments are not only meant to support the well-being, but they also have an additional background which is therapeutically effective. Our mission is to be innovative in the world of health and beauty products.





A wonderful and unique face treatment that exemplifies the best of spa aromatherapy and leaves clients  a feeling of complete bliss. The ultimate rejuvenating and anti-ageing facial, ideal for those suffering from tired, lacklustre skin or concerned about the effects of ageing. The treatment works deep within the skin’s layers to restore elasticity, boosting the skin’s own natural ability to stimulate collagen through the traditional natural herbs and the compresses warmth, which help to visibly plump out fine lines and wrinkles whilst the application of our signature blend of anti-aging oils enhances skin restoration.


Beginning with an exfoliation to leave your skin super-refined and smooth, next a generous scoop of rich oils including tangerine and lemongrass  are massaged  into the skin using a heated herbal compress.


  • The treatment requires 1 day of training and can be tailored to individual requirements.


With over a decade experience of working in the Spa & Wellness industry, we are committed to assist Spa Owners and Managers in creating one-of-a-kind signature treatments and provide outstanding and professional staff training.






We run ongoing professional training in the U.K. and South Africa for a minimum of six therpists.

Please contact us for further information:


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