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Why being organic is not that important...


Okay, maybe we should say that ‘reading a label that says organic’ is not really that important. Any company can put a couple drops of an organic ingredient in their product and taut it as an organic product on the fancy label. It’s about so much more than just being organic – it’s about being organic AND being as pure and non-toxic as possible.


Note: although we think this system is a huge step in the right direction, it’s not without its limitations, of which some include:

  • Many ingredients can be natural or synthetic and this is not accounted for in their ratings (for example the word ‘fragrance’ as listed on European products but being derived solely of essential oils is given the same rating as ‘artificial fragrance’.

  • Some ingredients, such as essential oils, can be extracted using different methods (some better than others); the ratings do not take different extraction or processing methods into account.

  • Ingredients listed as zero often have no safety data on them so a product that contains many ingredients that have not been accessed for safety will often have a low (good) score only because there is not data on its safety.

  • We could go on – a wonderful resource in many ones and not one to be dismissed, but a resource that should be used in context of its limitations.

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Because only 10% of ingredients have been tested for safety. Not sure this even needs more explaining. In case you’re not good at math, that means that in North America 90% of ingredients in your personal-care products have never been tested for safety by anyone. By the way, of that 10% that has been assessed for safety, most are still allowed; the FDA has only restricted 9 ingredients in 67 years.

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Because hormone-disrupting ingredients are affecting everyone from teenage girls to newborn babies to grown men and woman; many of these ingredients (i.e. phthalates) are never even listed on ingredients lists since they are hidden within other ingredients.

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Because your skin absorbs things easily; there are some who will argue it’s the case but they probably think that nicotine patches and birth control patches don’t work either.


Because cancer rates are really high and even the established medical community is starting to realize that it’s largely due to the huge number of carcinogens that we’re exposed to on a daily basis; woman are generally exposed to more than men because of their extensive beauty routines.

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Because good quality organic brands strongly support sustainable farming methods, fair trade, and eco-friendly policies.


Because you’re worth it; treat your body with the respect it deserves…..feed it junk and it will respond accordingly; feed it well and it will serve you well!

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