Signature Ritual



Africa, the continent of spices and fragrances...


The calabash was one of the first cultivated plants in the world, grown not for food but as a container and it has only recently been documented for use as a massage tool, however it is fast becoming a trend in exclusive African spas!


The Royal Africa Calabash  Massage gives a deeper dimension to the massage by amplifying the movements of the therapist; The use of different sizes and shapes allows to adapt them to the working zone; It scatters tension zones, softens muscles, tendons and cutaneous tissue.


Traditional African massage originates in the ancestral manual therapies of Africa. Our Signature Ritual is a “balancing” massage, one that restores the flow of energy in the entire body by stimulating the points of blockage. The pressure applied and the deep penetration of the baobab oil and shea butter into the pores stimulates the natural elimination of the toxins and fats accumulated by the organism. The movements used during the session (deep grazing motions, pressure on acupuncture points) stimulate the lymphatic system and activate blood circulation. In addition to its re-balancing effect, the Ritual  is relaxing, toning, draining and restores vitality 





Various sizes and shapes of calabashes are used as effective medium pressure massage tools.


A typical set of calabash massage tools consists of 10 calabashes: A Crown Calabash to work the trapezius; A Knobbly Calabash, which has small wart-like protrusions; Four Bottle Calabashes are used for pushing movements like effleurage; The Dipper Calabash, which looks like a spoon is used for circular movements and can be dipped into cold water to cool the body in summer. There are also small tools for the feet and two small spoon-shaped ones for the face.


Relaxation is increased as the seeds in some of the calabash plants resonate unique soothing sounds during the treatment. The gentle movements alternating with soft touches and the unique sounds of the dried seeds bring about a heightened sense of relaxation and peacefulness. The cool feel of the calabashes against the skin combined with cold water makes this an excellent massage for summer.


Caring for calabashes - Sterilizing of the calabashes after each treatment is vital as they have a porous skin and absorb oils from the treatment. This can be done by using steri-wipes or wiping with a natural (tea tree) sterilizing spritz and soft cloth.






This 85 minute ritual is a truly unique experience and a top-to-toe toning and relaxing pampering delight.


The treatment requires 2 days of training and can be tailored to individual requirements.


With over a decade experience of working in the Spa & Wellness industry, we are committed to assist Spa Owners  and Managers in creating one-of-a-kind signature treatments and provide outstanding and professional staff  training.


Please contact us for treatment demonstration. Training currently available in the U.K. 

Please send us an email if you are located internationally. Our team is available for International Spa Training.



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