The Eastern Face Lift

                         (Spa Training)


A natural alternative to Botox


Based on Chinese protocols, this treatment incorporates acupressure, jade roller facial massage and Gua Sha techniques along with our all natural skincare range.


Jade Rollers were traditionally used to flatten wrinkles on the face and clear fluid congestion. Jade holds a significant place in Chinese society and has always been considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity. In modern understanding their most useful function is that they increase lymphatic drainage and help in wrinkle and puffiness reduction. The jade massager is meant to also help with sinuses and to stimulate lymphatic drainage to clear toxins from the body.


   The practice of Gua Sha comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine when they used jade stones to scrape the skin all over the body to treat diseases. This process is believed to stimulate blood circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs; detoxing the body of stagnate “qi” reducing stiffness, pain and increasing mobility. Gua Sha is an eastern anti-ageing technique that we use in our latest eastern facial in conjunction with the Jade Rollers. This ancient tool is used in rhythmic strokes  to massage, smooth and scrape the skin to release stagnation, muscle tension and tightness in the face. It irons out fine lines, tightens and speeds up the elimination of congestion such as eye bag. 


 Face Gua Sha helps to improve blood flow and circulation and with decongesting the skin. The firm but gentle scraping movements encourage lymph drainage to the face and neck which detoxify, helping to clear sinus congestion, prevent acne, dark skin pigmentation and puffiness or dark circles under the eyes. Regular Gua Sha helps prevent acne breakouts by reducing clogged pores, can reduce acne scarring as it encourages new skin growth and will also allow the organic facial oils to penetrate deeper to nourish the skin. 

 Our bespoke treatment is designed for all skin types and is the ultimate natural alternative to Botox. The treatment incorporates Face Mappping, acupressure points, lymphatic drainage and ‘the lifting’ massage techniques with the Gua Sha stone along with our all-natural skincare range. This facial treatment improves skin complexion, drains excess fluids and toxins, refreshes and firms the skin, reduces fine lines, restores facial skin tone and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin; it helps balancing the Qi, while deeply cleansing, detoxifying, stimulating and revitalising the skin naturally.


These traditional tools are used in rhythmic strokes to massage, smooth and gently scrape the skin to release stagnation, muscle tension and tightness in the face. They iron out fine lines, tighten the skin and speed up the elimination of congestion such as eye bags. 


 The facial includes an oil cleanse combined with a gentle exfoliation, facial acupressure, our massage ritual, face pressure points, a nourishing face mask and a décolleté, hands, arms and head massage.



  • Boosts blood flow and circulation and tones the muscles of the face and neck

  • Instantly lifts, sculpts and plumps the skin

  • Relaxes muscle tension in the face and neck

  • Movement Medicine! Moves stagnant Qi and blood that contributes to dark circles & under-eye bags

  • Helps the skin recover from blemishes & acne scars

  • Prevents wrinkles and helps smooth existing lines

  • De-puffs and slims the face​​

At Philosophia Botanica we strongly believe that beauty routines are about making positive improvements to your health. Our founder and Chinese Medicine practitioner has captured the essence of thousands of years of Chinese wisdom into a gentle yet powerful face technique.

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Our International Team is available for training for Spas and Clinics and rituals can be tailored according to needs.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a Philosophia Botanica Signature Facial. Training is currently available for the U.K., South African and Italian Spas and Clinics. Should you require training from other international locations, do not hesitate to contact us.


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